zondag 4 februari 2018

From old to new...

Winter makes us post less often but we have some news for you...

2018 is just a month old but there is a lot to say... So enjoy the read.

During Christmas break we left dark and rainy Belgium and spend some time in the snowy mountains of Austria for some serious training. The first days we explored Achenkirch, a small village just over the German border, on cross country ski's. It had been a while so Sara suffered the first two days but little by little the technique came back.

 On New Years' day sun was out so we hiked up one of the touring routes up to 1600M !  After a 120' hike we enjoyed the views and being there just the two of us.

We decided to leave a day earlier than planned because there was some bad weather coming and travelling with a camper trough the mountains  can be tricky. And seemed we made the right decision because a few day's later the alps had hips of snow and traffic troubles, but by that time we were already safely at home.

The first week of the year we concentrated on the cyclocross competition in our back yard. Just like last year Sara decided to enter the race with the Elite women, but this year the race came early. So it would be harder to finish the race and not get lapped.

During the training days the lap was slippery, but the last two days the wind dried up the course and it made it a fast lap what made it even harder for Sara. Start was fast, but went well, but during the first lap there was a lot of hassle and lack of power. After tree laps of suffering and killing heart rates Sara was taken out of the race right before she got doubled.


Like always Peter was there with he's honest opinion: 'There is still a lot of work to do to get you race ready for the MTB season'.

A week later Sara was ill, the first time in ages the flu got to her. Feeling miserable, coughing and sleeping all day was not the only issue. But the coughing also made a back problem return whitch made Sara spend half a day in the hospital. Hopefully some good news about that soon...

After a week in bed we decided to visit Velofollies to see some of our partners and we had some other plans that day...

Velofollies was a great chance to meet up with Overstims. We have been supported by Overstims for over two years, but the special thing this year is that we have been rewarded for our loyalty... We officially entered the sponsoring program of Overstims 🙌

Our aprés Velofollies was some shopping ....

During our last camper trip to Achenkirch we decided that it was time to replace our four wheeled buddy.  And 20 January we met our new travelling buddy in Izegem Campirama
😍 Love at first sight it was... So we would like to present to you our brand new Carado T447

More pictures will follow soon!

Last but not least or bikes are allmost ready... During the last weeks they have literally arrived piece by piece

zondag 24 december 2017

Merry Christmas & Happy New year

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas period. It's also a great way to thank all our partners for the past season and really proud they all will be part of our upcoming season!

This year I found a funny poem, hope you all enjoy the coming 365 days


zondag 3 december 2017

Intermediate season

It's been calm for a while on our blog.
After the ROC d'AZUR which was our last competition of 2017, we've been resting, eating and sleeping a lot.
Trying to live like pros is not that much of a sacrifice for us, but it's mainly our daily job that makes the difference.

So between job and sleeping time, we have to plan our training schedule.
As I am particularly addicted to my opinions on training methods, this winter we have to plan even better then last one, because there's simply more to do.
So that is what were trying to do.

Focus is now on building strength and working on technical skills. From next week endurance training, core stability (which is almost on the program all year) and cyclocross are our aiming points.

Next season we also will be riding new bikes. Canyon is providing the frames and the technical assistance, while Crankbrothers once again will be our main partner. The complete COBALT 11 range will once again make our bikes hugely exotic.

Our Scottish partners from Endura are protecting and covering us with the MTR and MT500 range. Specifically high end and technical MTB clothing for all conditions.

Also Fizik is willing to support our asses and feet next year. And thanks to Absolute Black our world will be oval and not round. The rubber will be provided by Schwalbe in 2018.

Muc Off and Overstims need some more time to reply, but normally we'll be continuing our partnership next season. All depends on the budgets...

New for next year is the partnership with KOGEL high quality ceramic bearings. Thanks to Ard Kessel for the confidence.

It seems perhaps stupid, but a lot of our spare time is also going into the contact between partners, planification of the competitions and getting the financial plan together.

So that's why we're not posting a lot of our adventures for the moment. We're not sitting on our lazy asses, but it's probably boring to read about our weightlifting and our diet very often.


zondag 22 oktober 2017


All great stories come to an end... So did our race season 2017 😏

It was an absolute fantastic season, maybe even the best we've  had until now...

We entered Epic Races ... World Championship, Alps Epic, Sudety Bike Challenge, Roc D'Azur, ...
Raced with friends we made during the previous years and met some great new biker friends.

The last two weeks we had some time off the bike, like every year it's time to fulfill our duty list; annual lifesaving course update, meetings with our partners, getting our race calendar for 2018 on point, having fun rides on our cyclocross bikes and eating & resting 😴 

Mister Wheely

Mister Mister

Mister & Mistress???

Serving mussels @snowvalley for our Snowboardteam